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Use our services all season long - No contracts!

Cleancut snow removal services using snow blowers only! We will never do the damage snow plows do!

Automatic Services- No Hassle

We offer an automatic service that saves you time and worry. For any snowfall over 10cm (or your prefered amount) we will automatically have you of our service call list. No need to phone to book services each time. We'll see you when the snow flies.

Get an estimate online! Click HERE!

Prices start as low as $35.00 for snow removal services.

Our Services

We'll clear your driveway and your walkway (must be accessable by snowblowers). Cleint priotization based on prefered times (no guarantees)



After each storm, you'll get an invoice via email allowing you to pay online. No need to have cash on hand and leave money in your mailbox. You can pay for your services via Paypal, Credit Card (Paypal checkout- No account needed), or Direct Email Money Transfer. You'll instant recieve a receipt upon payment directly through our Paypal Checkout system.